SHE CAN BALL  55 minutes 

These sessions are for girls ONLY giving them a comfortable space where they can compete and grow. These workouts consist of fundamental skill work while working at a high intensity level. We will work on all skills with an emphasis on the small details. If she is ready to take her game to the next level this is the session for you.


Team Training $180 ( 8-10 players) 75 minutes

Team trainings are for any organizations that want their team to be trained in a private intimate setting .This group gets full facility access with no distractions. During this session the facility is closed to the public as this is a private team session. A Court Vision trainer will lead these sessions. The first half of the session will be skill work. The second half of the session will be implementing the coach's philosophies and competing.  


LITTLE BALLERS  $120 (4 sessions) 55 minutes 

  ( Ages 7-10): These sessions are geared to introduce the game to beginners. We will focus on simple ball handling, coordination drills, footwork, and shooting. These will be fun yet hard working sessions that will capture the kid's attention in hopes of them gaining more interest in the game of basketball.  


NORMATEC RECOVERY $20= 25minutes

 Normatec Recovery is based on a principle called 'dynamic compression'. The idea behind dynamic compression, specifically using recovery boots or arm sleeves is to help increase blood flow to your lower legs or extremities to facilitate faster muscle recovery and reduce inflammation. 

Compression boots work by using air to gently apply pulsating massage-like pressure to your legs. This massage effect helps with increasing blood flow to the area while pushing inflammation fluids and waste out so that they can be better absorbed or eliminated by your body. There is also the added benefit of simply feeling better after you use your compression boots due to their natural massaging nature.